The self-sufficient showroom

ZAF - Center for Education and Training Hamburg

As part of the TECH FLAT, Tech Zone 117 was installed at ZAF. Here, employees from all authorities can test innovative technologies and without any human supervisor.

  1. Timeframe: 2020
  2. Challenge: How can gadgets be made available to all employees, even if there is no one to explain the devices before trying them out? How can current technologies be integrated at ZAF without hiring extra staff to support the devices?
  3. Solution: As part of the TECH FLAT, Tech Zone 117 was installed in the building of the Center for Education and Training of the City of Hamburg. The special feature of the room is the integration of smart speakers and QR codes. This allows visitors of the Tech Zone 117 to orientate themselves completely alone in the room, even if they do not know any of the devices and need an explanation.
  4. Added value: Thanks to the technical support, the Tech Zone 117 can be used without employees. This aspect brings a number of advantages. The working time of the employees who would normally provide support can be saved and there are no opportunity costs. Without the human support, the flexibility and the duration of the use of the space is much higher. Scheduling bottlenecks with the supervisor's calendar can be avoided and only the time slots for using the room are a limitation. Furthermore, users can try out all gadgets of Tech Zone 117 without being observed by a second person, which has a psychological advantage. There is less fear of making mistakes and at the same time the learning effect increases by trying out the gadgets independently.
How the process works
  1. Visitors enter Tech Zone 117 with the words "I am in the Tech Zone". The greeting formula hangs on the door so that it cannot be overlooked when entering.
  2. The Google language assistant at the entrance welcomes the visitors and gives an intro to the room, i.e. which devices are shown and how is the testing process organized.
  3. After the introduction, visitors are guided by voice commands to the first station, which is indicated by a sign on the table. Here a tablet is available for scanning the QR Codes. The voice assistant explains the manual handling and the further procedure.
  4. Now the visitors can test themselves from station to station. At each station a technology, a sign with QR code and voice command, and a Google Home is placed. The testers read the voice command on the sign before "Tell me more about...". The text entered by FUTURE CANDY is then played back to the gadget. Each explanation ends with the words "...for more information scan the QR code on the tag". Via the QR code the user gets to the gadget web page of FUTURE CANDY with detailed explanations, videos and step by step instructions for all devices.


The Center for Education and Training of the City of Hamburg proves how innovative authorities can be. With Tech Zone 117, you are taking an important step towards the digitization of public authorities in Hamburg.


Within the framework of a digitization project, FUTURE CANDY has created Tech Zone 117 in cooperation with the ZAF. In the physical room, which was equipped with gadgets from the TECH FLAT, employees have been able to try out the latest technical innovations since mid-2020.


The special feature is that the room can be operated completely without the assistance of a human being. The integration of several Google language assistants and the use of QR codes make it possible. As soon as a person enters Tech Zone 117, the greeting “I am in the Tech Zone” activates the guided tour of the room.


The voice commands fed by FUTURE CANDY guide the visitor through the room and each gadget is explained in detail.


Should the guided tour through the room take place under supervision, a Chromecast integration is available for supervisors as a small add-on. This allows moderators to guide visitors through the room via tablet and mirror the contents of the gadget website on a TV, thus making the explanations accessible to everyone.


Even more information about Tech Zone 117 can be found on the website of the City of Hamburg.

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