Virtually discover the digital world in 8 days

Discover the digital world from home! With the virtual journey “Around the digital world” this is possible for you and your team. Divided into 8 days, you will experience an interactive exchange with experts from all over the world. Key notes about the start-up ecosystem from CEO’s from Silicon Valley, discussions about Data-Driven Business Models with experts from Tel-Aviv or deep dives about the extraordinary innovation speed of China with managers from Shenzhen. And these are just a few of many possible stops on your journey….

  1. Inspiration and new ideas through international exchange
  2. Networking with startups and industries
  3. External input on topics such as New Work Culture, New Digital Business Models, Innovation in Silicon Valley/Tel-Aviv/Shenzhen,...
  4. Exchange with international founders and managers
  5. internal team building


Over eight days, you will experience an interactive exchange with international managers and experts. During the entire trip, you can expect all-round support with moderation, key notes, kick-off events, deep dives, break-out sessions, discussions, VR meetings …

Prior to the trip, a scoping workshop is held to coordinate all ideas, challenges and goals with you. Based on this, the topics and stops are tailored to your company.

This will result in topics like: start-up ecosystems in Silicon Valley, Digital Innovation on China Speed, Data-Driven Business Models, Smart Grid Innovations, New Work Culture….

And destinations like: Tel Aviv, Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore, Silicon Valley, Shenzhen,….

Get started on your journey!

Exemplary journey
  1. Start-up scoping workshop and definition of objectives
  2. 2 days launch event with key-notes, discussion panels,...
  3. per month 1 day, virtual trip to Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Silicon Valley,...
  4. 2 days closing and recap event
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