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New Work summarizes all innovations and changes in the world of work. More precisely, the term summarizes all the developments and trends that are currently taking place, both in terms of technologies and work mentality. These are topics such as the 4-day week, home office, remote work or hybrid meetings. Generation Z in particular, which is slowly entering the job market, and Millenials (generation Y) are demanding a stronger focus on work-life balance.

Contrary to what is often assumed, New Work does not mean remote work in Bali or meetings in the company’s own gym. It starts with small changes: Simply rethinking the given working methods, making meetings more efficient or seeking dialog. Even if it’s just a matter of switching from a paper-based way of working to a digital way or trying out new (software) systems, that’s New Work in its simplest, most basic form.

Companies must not close their minds to this. For one thing, because otherwise they run the risk of not being able to maintain their current position in the “global war for talents”. For example, companies that forego home office options without good reason will have a hard time attracting new specialists in the future. On the other hand, it is never a good idea to be closed to change. After all, new trends always offer new opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as to save costs and resources.

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Your company or your teams need a breath of fresh air to be more innovative? Then we are the right partner for you! In keynotes and workshops we inspire you to new structures, help you with change processes or other team-internal projects.

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