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People have long been aware that health is the most valuable thing in life. However, it is only in the last few years that this topic has become the focus of people and the economy. The origin and nutritional values of foods are being inspected more closely and governments are regulating them more strictly. Organic markets are sprouting up all over the place and billions are being made worldwide with dietary supplements and care products. The number of people who smoke and regularly consume alcohol is declining in many countries. At the same time, the number of people who consciously live a vegan or meatless lifestyle is increasing. Generation Z and millennials in particular see (occasionally) giving up meat as the way to a healthier, longer life. In addition, a conscious diet can help protect the environment.

Sportive activities are also gaining attention, resulting in an improved work-life balance, with sufficient time for sports and regeneration.

Not only physical but also mental health is essential. Burnout and depression are becoming widespread diseases. An often (still) unhealthy, stressful work culture, as well as a flood of information that consistently spills out of all media channels, overstimulates society. Digital natives in particular, but also all other age groups, are developing a need for digital detox. So it’s no wonder that there are more and more wellness oases, retreats, but also mental coaching. Self-realization guides, topic-specific podcasts, and mindfulness apps are storming bestseller lists and charts. Mindfulness is on everyone’s lips, meditation is becoming a popular sport. This development not only affects the values of a society, but also its consumer behavior.

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Whether internal projects for satisfied, fit teams or new projects in the health care sector, we offer you support for innovative health care products or services. Together with your team we brainstorm, inspire you in keynotes or test new health-related technologies. In our magazine you will find inspiring articles about new health gadgets and trends.

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