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Digital humans are the next step in digitization and digital maketing. These are computer-generated images and avatars, with human appearance and behavior. Digital humans can be used in a variety of ways, for example to improve marketing strategy, for the creation of videos, website content or posts on social media.

In addition, digital images of people make it possible to create new interaction opportunities with customers. Personalized messages, adapted to the needs and interests of customers, create a deeper bond between companies and their target audience. At the same time, digital humans enable real-time interactions.

But digital humans are not only used in marketing. The possibilities and areas of application are far greater. For example, they could also be used in nursing care to keep people in need of care company. In customer service or the metaverse, digital humans can be used to answer inquiries and solve problems. A digital person can be present in the metaverse as an NPC (non-player character) to intelligently interact with users.

For all their benefits, there are some criticisms of Digital Humans. One fear is that they distort human interaction and replace real interpersonal communication. In addition, many legal aspects are unresolved. For example, it is still unclear who is liable for the actions of a digital human if it makes mistakes.

Digital humans are therefore an exciting and multifaceted topic that will gain  importance in the long run. Even if the development will still take several years, it is worth evaluating one’s own potential today.

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