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Artificial intelligence and machine learning have long been an integral, sometimes intuitive part of everyday life. But what is artificial intelligence (AI)? AI and machine learning are technological approaches that digitally replicate aspects of human thought and behavior. Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that deals with the use of data and algorithms.

In fact, the application areas and associated opportunities for artificial intelligence are incredibly broad.  Software solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as navigation and traffic jam warning systems, enable greater simplicity. Speech recognition software has made the triumphant advance of Alexa, Siri and Co. possible in the first place and can now be found in a large number of private households. Chatbots help people find the information they need in a short time and thus simplify communication between companies and individuals.

Companies are making particularly strong use of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in marketing. Individually tailored advertisements and optimized search results reduce wastage. With the help of machine learning and Big Data analyses, AI can provide companies with deep insights into their clientele. With machine learning, billions of users can engage efficiently on social networks. This plays a central role in driving social media platforms, from personalizing news feeds, to delivering user-specific ads.

In the future, companies will not only be able to personalize advertising, they will be able to optimize the entire user experience. This logically leads to more satisfied, more loyal (paying) customers.

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