Techniker Krankenkasse

Technology Masterclass

The latest technologies and trends in relevance to TK’s core business were presented in detail to over 80 remote participants. Some carefully selected gadgets that will provide ready to use with demo applications based on the wishes of TK.

  1. Timeframe: June, 2021
  2. Challenge: By trying out 4 different gadgets, how to generate an understanding of the respective technologies to create their own ideas and use cases for the TK environment.
  3. Solution: Using the FC streaming Studio to create a hybrid event consisting of digital lectures and a live testing show of the for gadgets in MS Teams.
  4. Added Value: To generate internal attention to new trends and technologies on the topic of NEW WORK and DIGITAL HEALTH.


Technology Masterclass provides a digital presentation on current trends and technologies: A short introduction to megatrends considering FUTURE CANDY’s trend analysis.


Structured as follows: Presentation of megatrends and the corresponding gadgets; Answering questions and discussing megatrends; The opening of the 4 breakout sessions to go into detail about the presented gadgets, each room was hosted by an FC employee to make sure that no question was left unanswered.


Four technologies will be presented in digital form: DOUBLE 2, the telepresence robot which enables remote workers to participate in live events of the company; Sony Xperia Touch, a smart projector which could be used for tables to make education and meetings more interesting; Scio Scanner, food quality & content analyst, and OURA Ring, a supervisor analyst of sleep quality.

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