Augmented reality router setup

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An augmented reality smartphone application, which will show you the instructions of use, step by step.

  1. Period: November 2021
  2. Challenge: Setting up and setting up a router without on-site technical support can be complicated. How can you support a person without sending a technician over?
  3. Solution: The digital, three-dimensional instructions are projected onto the router through the smartphone camera, using augmented reality. The application explains step by step how to set up the router.
  4. Added Value: Independently set up the router without specialized staff. The instructions help to install the router without errors. It also shows users how augmented reality can be used and how helpful this technology is.

Im detail

Setting up a new Wi-Fi router can be complicated if the technical know-how is lacking or the instructions are incomprehensible. If problems occur with the router, this can lead to customer frustration or dissatisfaction with the product. Sending technical staff to provide support costs time and money and is an additional expense.

That is why Swisscom has made it their mission to simplify the process of installing a router with new a new technology. They have found a solution that will assist their costumers.

Together with VRtual X we worked on an augmented reality application which will display every important step within the setting up process and lead a costumer through them. The result  is a usage instruction in the Swisscom smartphone app. This app uses the smartphone camera to project the instructions directly onto the router.

The augmented reality application can not only display parts of the manual, it also recognizes the individual parts that are needed for setup. This ensures that all cables and plugs that are required are supplied in their entirety and these individual parts are labeled for better comprehension.

The individual steps and parts are shown in such detail that the usage is extremely comprehensible and uncomplicated.


In collaboration with VRtual X FUTURE CANDY was able to perfectly demonstrate how augmented reality applications can simplify our lives in the future. For example, complicated instructions for use can be dispensed with in the future, which, in addition to better usability, also means that significantly less paper needs to be used for printing such instructions. 

Augmented reality has the potential to make our everyday life and our work much easier. Applications like that of Swisscom already show us this potential and the possible implementations.


We are happy that with the final product of this collaboration we can show people how Augmented Reality can be used and we are looking forward to work more and more on Augmented Reality projects in the future.

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