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No place in the world stands for a successful innovation culture like Silicon Valley. Every year we explore the Valley with you to experience the spirit on site!

Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla,…Almost all relevant technology giants have their origin or headquarters in Silicon Valley. Even just exploring these companies with their impressive campuses and cultures is worth the trip. But there is much more to experience during the annual Silicon Valley trip. It is all about learning how the “Silicon Valley ecosystem” is structured. And how did the Valley become the place it is today? From elite universities like Stanford to the start-ups that are emerging there, to the world’s leading digital and technology companies. What is the Valley’s mindset? What is the local way of working? What kind of corporate culture is preached? Which technologies will determine the coming years?

With Roman Weishäupl, Director of the FUTURE CANDY office in San Francisco, we have the expert knowledge and a large network in the Valley directly on site. Thanks to Roman and the many Meet & Greets, the spirit of the Valley can be experienced firsthand.

Let yourself be inspired by Silicon Valley!

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