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VR inspiration and training in a wind turbine industry player

Use advanced Virtual Reality technology to help large corporations with employee reunions, organizational meetings, and digital change. Through fun and enjoyable applications, employees around the world quickly get acquainted with each other.

  1. Timeframe: Jan – Dec 2021
  2. Challenge: How to inspire and change the mindset of the C-Level Management board of a large clean energy industry company – and generate ideas together with them by using latest technologies and methods.
  3. Solution: We organize and accompany a digital and interactive inspiration tour with diverse stops, spread over the year 2021 - custom-fit & exclusive for the SGRE Service Team.
  4. Added Value: Exchange ideas with founders and managers who share their very own perspectives and thus provide deep insights into their experiences. Learn about successful digital business models and the strategies of tomorrow.


Carrying out this tour with FUTURE CANDY will help SGRE promote digital literacy. At the annual event, you will meet innovators every month and draw inspiration from digital business ideas, leadership ideas, and innovation strategies.


The most important services of FUTURE CANDY are:


Provided each participant with their own Oculus Quest, the latest VR Headset available right now. Using the headsets and state-of-the-art digital collaboration tools (Miro Whiteboard, Altspace VR, Spatial, and Glue) lively exchanges and productive brainstorming sessions arose.


Moderation and execution of the concept phase, kick-off & deep dives by innovation expert Nick Sohnemann and digitalization consultant Björn Ognibeni.


Invitation of external speakers: Andrew Mcafee; Main directors from ALIBABA; CEO from OCTOPUS Energy, etc…

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