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Red Bull Basement 2022

Red Bull Basement Hamburg 2022 took place in the  Factory Hammerbrooklyn. FUTURE CANDY supported the realization of a virtual experience space for all event-goers.

  1. Timeframe: July 2022
  2. Challenge:How to give participants an entertaining insight into the possibilities of current Metaverse applications?
  3. Solution: A virtual showroom in individual design, which all participants can visit with a customized avatar.
  4. Added value: Visitors understand the current state of development of Metaverse applications. They learn how to operate these applications, as well as the associated hardware.

In Detail

Red Bull Basement offers young entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts the opportunity to network and get inspired through workshops, keynotes and interactive experiences around sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship. The FUTURE CANDY team prepared an interactive “Metaverse Experience” in which the 400 participants at the event had the opportunity to immerse themselves.

Participants received a short introduction to the use of the VR headset Oculus Quest 2 – afterwards they went off into the virtual showroom with a personalized avatar. In addition to various Red Bull exhibits and an interactive selfie wall, visitors were able to view an exhibition of previous global Red Bull Basement winners and talk to them about their projects.

Every event is unique – and we look forward to implementing your ideas!

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