Tech Pre-Beer

Phillipp und Keuntje

During a weekly get-together, employees are introduced to the latest technologies and innovations in a playful way.

  1. Timeframe: 2018 - today
  2. Challenge: How can new employees be introduced to new technologies in a playful way? How can new technologies be integrated into customer projects?
  3. Solution: Once a week the PUK employees meet in the auditorium for a social exchange. In this course the latest technologies are tested together in playful scenarios.
  4. Added value: As a team, the employees get to know the latest technologies. By solving tasks, playful competitions etc. the inhibition threshold in front of the new technology is taken away together. Ideas for implementation are generated through the exchange of ideas during testing. These can be directly integrated into customer projects.


Playfully experiencing innovations and being at the cutting edge of technology. This was the goal of the collaboration between Philipp and Keuntje and FUTURE CANDY.


It soon became clear to all involved that the best way to introduce the PUK employees to the latest technologies is via our TECH FLAT. FUTURE CANDY always curates and provides the latest “ready-to-use” gadgets. Without investment and research expenditure one remains so permanently on the newest conditions to the topic innovation and technology. So with TECH FLAT the basis for the project was clear. Now only a concept had to be worked out how these gadgets could be brought closer to the employees in the most effective way.


The result was the idea to present the technologies within the weekly GetTogether. Instead of simply presenting them, however, the employees’ cooperation is required every week. In order to understand what innovation, digitalization and cutting-edge technology means, these topics must be experienced first-hand. The auditorium in the Hamburg office provides the perfect environment for this. For example, the VR and AR world could be explored extensively here. Two employees at a time could immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality with the help of Oculus Quest VR glasses. Through action-packed games, they got to know the possibilities of VR in a playful way.


The highlight: All other employees can watch the transmitted image on a huge screen in the auditorium and join in the excitement.
In an exuberant atmosphere, these meetings are automatically used to generate ideas. Ideas on how these technologies can be used in customer projects are easily developed in such an environment.


Thus, by playfully discovering TECH FLAT on the one hand the employees are trained, on the other hand an idea and innovation process for the use of the technologies is intrinsically started.

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