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The TECH MOBIL was developed to make the gadgets of TECH FLAT available to all employees. The TECH MOBIL is not only for storing the gadgets, but to make the technologies always available so they can be tested immediately.

  1. Timeframe: 2018 - 2020
  2. Challenge: How can technologies be used to create new incentives and promote the creativity of employees? How can these technologies be made available so that all departments can benefit equally from them?
  3. Solution: Within the framework of our TECH FLAT, appropriate technologies were curated in order to train employees on the subject of technology and innovation. In order to offer all employees the same opportunity to experience the gadgets of the TECH FLAT, the TECH MOBIL was developed.
  4. Added value: The technologies can be pushed through the different departments on the TECH MOBIL. This also makes it possible to give creative tasks to the individual departments and let them compete against each other in a kind of competition. With the help of the technologies new creative thinking patterns are developed. Creative "competitions" between the departments inspire an intensive examination of the topic and the technology.


How do you manage to develop the maximum benefit of TECH FLAT for the employees of KNSKB+? This challenge had to be mastered in cooperation with KNSKB+.


The special thing here was that KNSKB+ did not plan a stationary presentation room for the gadgets of TECH FLAT. Because the idea of KNSKB+ was not to lead the employees to the technology but to lead the technology to the employees. In the course of redesigning the Hamburg office, this idea was put into practice. Together with the architect PARAT, who was also responsible for the redesign of the office, we worked on concepts for implementation.


This was the birth of TECH MOBILE. This is not only for storing gadgets. The technologies are always available and can be tested immediately. Thanks to the built-in television, the TECH MOBIL can also be used as a presentation trolley.
The castors under the TECH MOBIL ensure that they can be moved effortlessly from department to department.


Thus, the gadgets, which are delivered quarterly, can be tested in the different departments. One idea, in particular, ensured that the TECH MOBIL was always received with great pleasure. KNSKB+ ran an internal “creative competition” between the departments. Various tasks were set which had to be solved creatively. The results were compared at the end of each period. The active presentation of the technologies and the tasks to be solved ensured that all those involved were able to generate the greatest possible added value.

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