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In September 2020, the first in-person live event after the lockdown restrictions in the spring took place. FUTURE CANDY was a definite visitor magnet with a new type of tech theme park – FUTURE CANDY LAND – at the center of SHIFT Mobility.

  1. Date: September 2020
  2. Challenge: An interactive trade show experience was also to be created under Corona rules. The task was to develop three world premieres and the latest trends in electromobility into a visitor magnet in which these innovations are duly presented and invite visitors to test them out.
  3. Implementation: With the FUTURE CANDY LAND, a new type of tech theme park, an interactive place was created, where everything revolves around the latest innovations. A test track has been set up in the outdoor area, among other things, so that visitors can see these innovations for themselves. The daily FUTURE CANDY LAND parade with all exhibitors was also considered a highlight of the fair. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
What we did
  1. Conception of a novel boutique event concept
  2. Tech Theme Park with own exhibitors & FC Tech Lounge
  3. Panel conception
  4. Keynote Future Mobility by Nick Sohnemann
  5. FUTURE CANDY experts on site


FUTURE CANDY presented the new technology highlight parade at the IFA 2020 Special Edition in Berlin. The boutique event concept in the style of a theme park could start directly with 3 world premieres!

According to the FUTURE CANDY DNA “Inspire”, “Ideate”, “Make” and “Evaluate” the fair visitors could get inspired by the latest designs and developments and try out the innovations on site. The innovations were tested directly at the exhibitors’ booths or on the specially set-up test course on the upper floor of the CityCube.


At the FUTURE CANDY LAND, in addition to three world premieres by

GOBE Robots (telepresence robots), OKAI (eBikes & eScooters) and RCCO (virtual racing series)

also presented the latest trends in electromobility:

Citcar’s Loadster e-bike, Dolce Vita Dreems eScooter and SIGO’s new sharing e-load bikes.

The whole booth was designed like a leisure park. It goes in the infotainment, experience and also fun. Also a highlight in the exhibition hall was the daily FUTURE CANDY LAND parade with all exhibitors. In essence, it was about: making innovations touchable and tangible.


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