Remote inspiration for the mobile industry

Through the innovation journey, Goodyear got to know the latest and most relevant start-ups and companies.

  1. Timeframe: March 2021
  2. Challenge: Learn about new data-driven mobility topics and new services surrounding the automotive environment.
  3. Solution: Conducting virtual Innovation Trips on a regular basis to the European Innovation Team of 25 people.
  4. Added Value: Use these new knowledges for their end customers (B2B and B2C) and their fleet business.


Inspired by remote online meetings, Goodyear will have a better understanding of the latest developments and future trends in the mobile industry.


The focus of the journey is Goodyear’s visit to stars in the mobility field, FUTURE CANDY invited Dr. Stefan Nürnberger from ELEXIR, Ilan Shaari from Brodmann 17, and Dr. Hans H. Hamer from SHIFT MOBILITY.

These founders and managers shared their own perspectives to gain insight into the development of their vision, from initial ideas to effective business models.


Through this trip, via Microsoft Teams and Miro Whiteboard, FUTURE CANDY aims to provide Goodyear with a unique spirit, expand their company’s way of thinking and broaden the horizons of their employees by understanding inspiring companies. This will prompt Goodyear to apply these new ideas to their customers and businesses, and improve the overall level of the company.


Because FUTURE CANDY believes: Innovation begins with inspiration.

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