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Would you like to get your own picture of the future? Do you want your customers or employees to be motivated for digital change? We will show you how you can carry out any event format in analog, hybrid, or completely digital form.

“If attendees want to incur the hassle, the expense, and what they perceive as some risk, the event better be really solid." -Scott Galloway


Future Candy Events

Technologies and gadgets are our passion – and with our events we want to share this with you! No event is too small or too big for us. We create captivating experiences which have an impact far beyond the moment.

For digital events we use the latest tools, allowing us to create engaging experiences remotely.

We stage for you:
  1. Exhibitions
  2. Digital events
  3. Conferences
  4. Internal events



Do you want to make digital events exciting and informative? We at FUTURE CANDY believe that a digital event is not just a simple Livestream. A digital event must invite you to participate and actively shape it.

This can be done, for example, via virtual rooms that guests access via their browser and our digital platform. In these individually playable rooms, participants can get involved via chat and surveys. Getting together in smaller groups also encourages lively exchange and networking.

The result is a holistic event experience. This is also possible as a supplement to classical events, as a hybrid event format.

  1. Conceptual design and implementation
  2. Provision of the event tools
  3. Purely digital and hybrid solutions
  4. Features that invite you to actively participate
  5. Holistic event experiences
Activate - Inspire - Motivate
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