Process optimization using the latest technologies

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With the help of the TECH FLAT, Eins Energie can sustainably optimize processes, in which the employees independently generate ideas and then put them into practice.

  1. Timeframe: 2020
  2. Challenge: How can existing processes be optimized by innovative technologies? How can ideas for process optimization be generated intrinsically by the employees? How can many different technologies be tested without high investment and research costs?
  3. Solution: With the help of the TECH FLAT the latest technologies for idea generation are provided. This allows employees to identify and eliminate inefficient processes by replacing outdated methods with technical innovations. Only by implementing the TECH FLAT can old processes be questioned and rethought.
  4. Added value: Through process optimization, Eins Energie was able to save a lot of budget in the long run. Many processes have also been improved in terms of sustainability. An optimization could be recognized and developed directly by the involved employees. No large investment was necessary, since the technologies were only acquired after successful testing in practice.


Identify inefficient processes and sources of error in order to find solutions for them. Nobody can do this better than the people who are involved in these processes day after day.


Every successful innovation process begins with an idea generation phase. For this purpose, the latest gadgets, tailored to the energy industry, are delivered to Eins Energie every quarter within the framework of our TECH FLAT. Employees can test these technologies on site. The independent testing generates many different ideas for internal use.


With the help of the TECH FLAT many new ideas of the employees could already be put into practice. For example, different processes are now supported with VR and AR glasses. Training of employees, presentation of 3D models, optimization of work safety,…For VR and AR there is a wide range of application areas.


The DJI Phantom Pro drone was able to prove that sometimes a single gadget is enough to make a big change. Past costly maintenance work could be easily solved with the DJI Phantom. In the past, a helicopter including a cameraman was needed to detect changes in various lines at an early stage. Also the maintenance of the cogeneration plants was carried out in a complex and dangerous way, because employees had to climb up the HWK. Thanks to the drone flights, these processes could be optimized. This will not only save costs in the long run. The safety of the workers was also increased.


Thanks to our TECH FLAT, the employees are brought closer to the latest technical progress. But the greatest added value of TECH FLAT in this case is another. The employees are integrated into the operational structures and processes and can independently optimize their work. This results in optimization ideas that would not have been recognizable from outside or from the management level. This not only increases the perceived appreciation of the employees. The TECH FLAT can also be used to optimize the company economically and ecologically.

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