Supermarket of the future


TECH FLAT provided appropriate technologies for the supermarket of the future to create a new customer experience for the retail sector.

  1. Timeframe: 2015 - 2017
  2. Challenge: How can a special customer experience be created with the help of gadgets? How can a wide range of technologies be tested without having to take a high investment risk? How to avoid the bureaucratic and cumbersome way through the internal purchasing department?
  3. Solution: Research and concept development of FUTURE CANDY experts on the subject of technology in the retail sector. Provision of the gadgets within the framework of TECH FLAT. Through quarterly changing gadgets on a rental basis, the cumbersome way of purchasing is avoided.
  4. Added value: Many different technologies can be tested in practice without any research effort and can only be used across the board if the response is positive. Also the entrepreneurial risk is lowered thereby, since only successful gadgets are bought. Plug and Play and customized applications ensure little effort during commissioning. New customer experience is generated and it will stand out from the rest of the market.


In the future, more and more technologies will be part of the supermarket shopping experience. In many supermarkets, for example, employees are already supported by autonomous self-checkout checkout systems. With the project “Supermarket of the Future” in cooperation with FUTURE CANDY, Edeka asked itself how technologies can be used to maximize both the customer experience and the support of the employees.

Purchasing equipment through the normal channels, i.e. internally through the responsible department, has many disadvantages. Not only that in a company like Edeka you are exposed to many bureaucratic hurdles. It also leads to a high investment risk, because you have to spend budget without having feedback from customers. It also means that you are not acting in a sustainable manner, as new products have to be used and possibly disposed of after a short time.

TECH FLAT was able to provide the solution for this. With TECH FLAT, new gadgets could be presented and tested every quarter in the supermarket of the future. Without a great deal of time, technical and bureaucratic effort, customers were able to experience the technological innovations. The employees also benefited from the technology, which made their daily work easier.

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