Quartier of the future

Deutsche Bank

With the “Quartier of the Future”, a concept for the bank branch of the future was developed and equipped with the latest technologies within the framework of our TECH FLAT.

  1. Timeframe: 2018-2019
  2. Challenge: What can a bank branch of the future look like? Which technologies are necessary for a branch of the future? How can a visit to a bank branch be turned into a positive experience?
  3. Solution: Through a lively atmosphere, as well as various places for networking and further education, the bank branch was developed as a place that remains in the minds of customers as a positive experience. Among other things, with the help of TECH FLAT, the "neighborhood of the future" was equipped with the latest technologies and gadgets, which customers can experience independently or in workshops.
  4. Added value: Customers can try out many gadgets and experience the future today. They look forward to the appointment at the bank, stay longer and have positive memories of the visit. The bank employees are also trained by the technologies.


The “Quarter of the Future” project of Deutsche Bank in Berlin shows just how innovative a bank branch can be. Away from dreary and boring bank visits. Towards a place that you leave with a smile and beautiful memories.


The “Quarter of the Future” concept was developed with this goal in mind. A place that can be used for workshops and networking events of all kinds in addition to consulting sessions. Meeting and exchanging ideas with other customers is the top priority here. This is also supported by the café included in the bank branch, for example. But the latest gadgets and technologies can also be tested together in the “Playground”. In this way, customers get a feel for what is already possible and what will determine the image of a bank branch in the future.


Also, the employees can use the location and technologies of the TECH FLAT. Whether for internal networking, for training purposes, or inspiration – the future can already be experienced today at this location.

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