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TECH FLAT enabled Daimler to gather inspiration for the bus of the future and at the same time train employees.

  1. Timeframe: 2016 - 2018
  2. Challenge: Which technologies can be sensibly applied in production and other departments of the group? How can different devices be compared without having to make large investments?
  3. Solution: The Daimler DigitalLife Bus was launched as part of the TECH FLAT. The bus was equipped with the latest technologies from various fields such as VR, AR and Smart Home. In order to reach as many people of the group as possible, the bus drove all over Germany and made a stop at every Daimler plant. Here employees could try out the bus's built-in gadgets and get inspired.
  4. Added value: Through the cooperation within the framework of the TECH FLAT, Daimler was able to test a bus of the future without the need for major modifications to a bus and the associated costs. The knowledge gained was directly incorporated into the design of future bus concepts. In addition to the aspect of finding their own ideas, a further added value was generated for the employees. They were given the opportunity to try out the latest technologies for themselves and be inspired for their own projects.


Inspiration is an important aspect in order to be productive later in the ideation. Daimler is demonstrating how a bus of the future can be designed cost-effectively and is also inspiring many employees.

In cooperation with FUTURE CANDY, it was sent to Daimler DigitalLife Bus onto the streets of Germany. Gadgets from a wide range of different themes were built into the bus. Among others, a Microsoft Hololens and a Sony Xperia Touch were used to be productive during the bus ride. Thanks to the Sony Playstation VR, which allowed the employees to immerse themselves in virtual worlds, there was no shortage of fun.


Amazon’s “Alexa” voice assistant was used as the smart home control. Voice commands could be used to control integrated lamps and light strip, which could completely change the ambience of the interior. In addition, a smart coffee machine and various sockets to which a wide variety of devices were plugged in were also integrated.


In addition to providing inspiration for future bus concepts, the bus was to serve another purpose and be used as a testing and inspiration area for all employees of the Group. For this purpose, a tour of Germany was planned, which was to include all Daimler plants. On site, people were allowed to inspect the bus and try out the technologies intensively. The two positive effects were increased employee satisfaction and the generation of ideas for future projects through inspirational impulses.

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