Management Meeting 2022

500 international executives met for the Bertelsmann Management Meeting 2022 in Gütersloh. For two days, they were informed by CEO Thomas Rabe and the top management about the status of the implementation of the Group strategy. As a very special highlight, a hologram box was used for the first time thanks to FUTURE CANDY, via which the Executive Board and top management greeted the participants in the entrance area of the Gütersloh theater up close, three-dimensionally and life-size.

  1. Timeframe: September 2022
  2. Challenge: How can a novel technology be integrated into the event in such a way that the more than 500 participants can experience it in an entertaining way?
  3. Solution: Installation of a life-size "Holobox", as well as recordings of greetings and entertaining video sequences of 20 top managers.
  4. Added value: All participants of the event came into contact with an innovative technology for communication and presentation. Visitors experienced an entertaining welcome at the event that stays in their minds.

Im Detail

In order to offer the participants of the Bertelsmann Management Meeting an unusual and innovative reception, the approximately two-meter-high “Holobox” was placed in the entrance area of the Gütersloh Theater.

A professional recording suite was then set up on site, consisting of a high-resolution 4K camera, studio lighting and a white screen. There, the managers could easily step in front of the camera and record an individual greeting message – or playfully, for example, knock against the imaginary glass, wave or “meet” in the box as a couple.



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