Ahaus Trip 2022

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Ahaus is a small town in the Münsterland region, close to the Dutch border – and one of the most digital places in Germany.

Experience on our Innovation Trip that digitalization is not just lip service here, but is lived. Citizens, the city administration, retailers, businesses, the hospitality industry and associations are all networked. New offerings make the city attractive and worth living in.

  1. Time period: June 30th & July 1st 2022
  2. Company visits, meet & greets and workshops
  3. Your benefits: Exclusive insights, exchange and networking, cultural impressions as well as technological and strategic classification of the experiences by your travel companions Nick Sohnemann and Dr. Maximilian Böger

In Detail

The city of Ahaus offers its residents and visitors a wide range of digital services. The aim is to make everyday life and leisure activities easier and more accessible for everyone in Ahaus.


How Ahaus goes digital

For example, there is an overview of all events and concerts, where tickets can be purchased directly online. Other educational and cultural institutions, such as the local library, are also accessible online. Thus, the availability of media can be viewed in real time. The customer account can be easily visited online to reserve books or extend loan periods.


“Family management” in digital

Families can also benefit from the city’s digital solutions, for example, if they are looking for childcare options or want to order and pay for school lunches. For both cases, there are portals where the offers can be viewed and. booked.


Digital offices

Last but not least, Ahaus also addresses administrative issues in the city. If street lamps in public spaces are defective or trash cans are overflowing, this problem can be reported directly to the city administration. Once reported, the processing status remains transparent for citizens and can be tracked.
For example, anyone who wants to register a business, change their registration or obtain simple information from the population register can do so easily online.


Ahaus shows how innovations can make a city more livable, making life easier for the people who live there and for the administration. On the trip to Ahaus, you will experience live how the city uses technology to become one of the most innovative cities in Germany, in addition to the many online offerings in local stores and restaurants.

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