Revenue generation in the new era

20 Min

The media brand with the widest reach in Switzerland has subscribed to our agency flat rate, in order to also
external brainpower into current projects and the innovation process.

  1. Timeframe: 2020-2021
  2. Challenge:

    Like any other media brand, the Swiss market leader 20 Minuten faces numerous challenges. How are new revenue streams sustainably evaluated and implemented? What opportunities and incentives can be developed to get users to sign up for the platform? To what extent can 20 Minuten develop further with its already strong appearances on social channels and what monetization potentials arise from this?

    For several months, FUTURE CANDY investigated these and other questions and supported the management with virtual workshops, numerous ideas, developed prototypes as well as in-depth desk research.

  3. Solution:

    Two half-day virtual workshops via "Google Hangout" as well as "Google Jamboard" for idea generation for the integration of the TX-Group marketplaces "Homegate" and "Car4You" into the 20-minute product landscape. Furthermore, in cooperation with our partner agency "zeilenwerk", development of a corresponding prototype for the real estate platform "Homegate". In preparation for the workshops, two desk researches were created on the topic of integrations and alternative revenue models.

    For cross-platform login incentives, suggestions for improvement regarding user journey in the login process as well as associated incentive ideas were developed at an internal brainstorming workshop. This project was also based on extensive desk research.

    Finally, solutions for the content and strategic development of the corresponding channels were developed for the area of social media on the basis of an international benchmark. And: FUTURE CANDY actively collaborated on the first 20 Minuten format on the audio-only app "Clubhouse". 20 Minuten was the first Swiss media brand on the new trend app - also thanks to trend scouting and rapid idea generation on the part of FUTURE CANDY.

  4. Added value: Additional expert knowledge as well as new, alternative ideas and approaches for the management of 20 Minuten. In addition, many inputs flowed into documents for the Board of Directors of the 20 Minuten Group. With its presence on "Clubhouse," 20 Minuten also scored a PR coup.
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